Frequently Asked Questions


Today we live in a globalized world where companies work worldwide and with global suppliers. However, when a company needs capital raising and searches for its "capital supplier", it narrows its search locally, unaware of the possibility to search globally. The efficiency, quality, profitability and effectiveness that is demanded from any local and/or international supplier remain on the margin when looking for financing and/or funding. Company financing is done by a local institution more than 50% of the time, which obviously limits the chances of obtaining a competitive product at the best possible rate.


The current financial reality has made clear the difficulty many companies are experiencing when obtaining resources to start up, consolidate or expand their projects. They are unaware that there are other sources of funding / financing and how to access them.


In a globalized world where the suppliers are global, the financing, funding and/or investment sources must also be global. We have created ROADSHOW CAPITAL as a GLOBAL & EXCLUSIVE platform from a LOCAL aproach.


We were founded to solve a problem. We were founded so that you share your needs and opportunities.



Our partners, an exclusive and close platform, prices and ROADSHOW formula make us unique.
Free: pitch, teaser and 12 months of posting advertisements on the listing are totally free. Without any success fee.

You can highlight your proposal through low-cost advertisements.

At ROADSHOW Capital you will find accredited investors that would otherwise be impossible to access.



We were founded as a hub platform and we want to become a social platform for business opportunities.

We are not a simple algorhythm, we are not opaque, we are transparent, what you see is what you get.

Because at the beginning and at the end every investment is a transaction between people, between people that are linked, between people that trust in each other.



Every opportunity is born from a need. We have lived through the greatest "credit crunch" in history. We have survived a collapse.

Opportunities emerge from challenges. ROADSHOW Capital is a LOCAL and EXCLUSIVE alternative in a GLOBAL world.



A visual presentation that allows whoever reads it to decide in 5 seconds if they are interested or not. It is a flash that captures their attention.



It is a document that summarizes what you are looking for and what you offer in a way that generates intrigue and interest and makes the investor interested and want to deepen the offer.



It is the fact of going from investor to investor selling the qualities and needs of your company to raise capital and/or financing.

The objective of the ROADSHOW is to generate interest and expectations on your added value proposal.

With ROADSHOW Capital, you can quickly, easily and comfortably from your computer make your company, your client's company (in the case of advisors), your projects or your client's projects (advisors) be seen and evaluated by investors throughout the world, accredited investors interested in investing, financing and participating in innovative companies with a high potential of growth.



Because it will help you to find out more about your company, sell/finance your company better and because you can improve.

Because only you know your company, no advisor can explain it better.

Because it is exclusive and it is for you.



If you want to be anonymous, then that is how it will be. We understand that you do not want your competition to know about your needs. However, if you are a company searching for an accredited investor that trusts in you, keep in mind that the first thing they will look for is transparency above profitability.


Three simple steps:

·         Sign Up

·         Complete your PITCH

·         Post it (in the case of advisors and companies)

Continue filling out your ROADSHOW to get your PITCH and your TEASER.


1.        After registration into the platform, the PITCH, the TEASER and posting your advertisement are FREE

2.        The PITCH and TEASER - are FREE

3.        Do you want to stand out? Then INVEST and MAKE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT STAND OUT from the rest.



Yes, your success is our success. Our future depends on your success, and so we wish you a pleasant start for this new stage we are starting together.