Culture and values

Our core values are: Quality - Experience - Professional ethics. In ROADSHOW CAPITAL we want to inspire the customer, going beyond just satisfaction being transparent and a trusted partner.




Our main values are:


·         Quality


·         Experience


·         Professional Ethics

These three values assume that we do not accept projects on our platform that are related to prostitution, gambling or weapons.




ROADSHOW CAPITAL is clearly oriented towards the global community. Its business vision is based on four premises:


·         Inspiring the client, going beyond just satisfaction.


·         Being a trusted client of our suppliers.


·         Being a leader.


·         Motivate the team, encouraging individual's intitiative, the capacity of innovation and identification with the Company Project.




·         Trust, we do not speculate with outside influence. We connect ideas and companies with alternative/complementary financing and funding sources.


·         Transparency, the client knows who we are, where we are, what we offer and what our fixed prices are. We do not apply "success fees". We apply low-cost prices.


·         Responsibility, we only transmit what the client wants us to transmit. We work hand in hand with the company to get the best result.


·         Global, We are the only platform focused on professionals globally.


·         Change, the financing and funding sources are no longer LOCAL but GLOBAL. We create better efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.